Champion style.


I might have struck a chord with my old essays. I was going to release this piece later this week on October 4th, but for the sake of full disclosure and transparency here is another essay I wrote as a freshman at New Mexico Military Institute in a…

Forward: I have yet to decide if I want to make #TheologianThursday a weekly occurence: we’ll see. I wrote this essay as a Freshman at New Mexico Military Institute, and I found a great picture to acompany the throwback. Feedback is welcome, but not expected. #TheologianThursday

In the article “The…

To exist is to decide, but the result of each decision constitutes one’s character. Conscious decisions separate the human species from animals. Without duty, there is no meaning, for if a person is not attached to an idea greater than himself then he, or she, is nothing more than an…

In the spirit of self-expression, I’d like to share more of my writing. Feedback is always welcome, and remember teamwork makes the dream work.

Active listening is a craft, but the freedom of speech is the Trump card in my homeland.

I grew up with few friends. At the age…

Benjamin Fischman

My interests are at the intersection of Human-Computer Interactions, Language, and Design. My drive is stalwart, and my passion for innovation fuels my work.

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